Snow Day

Snow day today. Not sure why, as we only had 4 inches or so and it was the nice fluffy stuff that is easy to clear, not the heavy wet heart attack snow. To be fair, they were predicting more and that it would go on all day. But it stopped about 9:30am and I had it all cleared by noon. Actually I had ours done, and helped two sets of neighbours do theirs. It was good snow and we were having to much fun clearing it, so just kept on going. To be honest, is was not bad enough to close work, but they did and so I got a snow day, which has allowed me to work on things at home. Unfortunately, Diane is currently in Rochester, NY, so I couldn’t spend it with her, which is the only dampener on a perfect day. The wood stove is lit and the cats have spent much of the day slumped in front of it. I occasionally turn them so they are evenly done on both sides and don’t combust. I have caught up with various house chores and and have been able to push on with my latest model creation (the Kitson-Meyer). It remains cold, but the sun is coming out. Over all a good day.


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