On the road again……

I had been typing up a post describing a visit to Yellowstone National Park a few years back. However, the power went out this afternoon and the entire post disappeared into the ether. So I’ll have to do it again another day. In the meantime, we’re heading back to Baltimore tomorrow, a 12 hr, 650 mile drive, passing through the Canadian provinces of Quebec andOntario, , and the US states of New York, Pennsylvania, finally arriving in Maryland in the late evening. So there will be no posts tomorrow, as we won’t get back until late. There may not be any the following day either, as I’m normally fairly knackered the day after this trip, and it will be the first day back at work, with all the associated garbage that goes with it. I expect normal service to return in a few days time.

Of course, if we have another ice storm tonight, it may be too dangerous to drive and we shall have to stay an extra day or so. Oh dear, what a terrible thing that would be……..



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