Worlds smallest V-12?

Sorry for the lack of posts the past few days, but I’ve been laid low with severe bronchitis. An unexpected week off for me, but not how I’d like to spend it. Anyhow, this one is for anyone interested in mechanical engineering or metal craftsmanship.

Anyhow, whilst laid up, I came across this YouTube showing the manufacture of what is billed as “probably” the smallest V-12 motor in the world. Now I like making things, but this is fantastic and there is no way I can achieve this quality. Patelo has made numerous model engines (though I think technically they are considered to be motors, as they run on compressed air rather than use combustion to propel them) as educational and demonstration tools. These include a 6 cylinder marine engine, a 10 cylinder double star aero engine (complete with variable pitch prop!!) and a monster 18 cylinder W engine. The series showing the construction of the latter shows that everything (block, valves, cylinders, inlets, heads, crank, etc. is all hand made using a hand controlled lathe and drill press. No CNC here!

So sit back and enjoy a true craftsman at work. Engineering is still alive and well!

(YouTube video is produced by Yesus Wilder, who I’m given to understand is Patelo’s son. All rights and copyright belong to him. He also has videos showing assembly and construction of other Patelo motors on his YouTube channel, which are worth watching if you are interested in mechanical engineering.)


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