It’s been a while.

Sorry, it’s been a while since I wrote. But life hasn’t stopped. indeed, quite the contrary, which is why nothing has been written for a while.

Anyhow, spring finally seems to have appeared. It was cold this winter and we had quite a lot of snow, which made me feel OK about buying a second hand snow thrower last summer. What used to take 5-6 hours to clear can now be done in less then an hour. More to the matter, my back thanks me! Now the plants have started to wake up again, the grass is growing and I’ve had to start mowing it, and the hay-fever has arrived. That said, it was still chilly in the evenings over the past week and and i’ve still had the fire lit in the evenings. The added advantage of this is the cats slumber in front of it rather than occupying the bed at night…..

Libby is back on the road and running again. I take her off the road when they start salting the roads, due to the ridiculous amount of salt they put down at the first hint of snowflakes. Sometimes the salt layer is almost 1/2″ thick. We don’t get THAT much snow here in MD, this is NOT Canada! So, although Libby isn’t particularly mollycoddled and is used for purpose, I do take her off the road during salt season, as I would like her to outlive me and not get corroded out within a couple of years. Winter is used for all those maintenance issues. Last year I changed the front door tops for Rocky Mountain ones and replaced all the rusted out sliding window seals in both the middle doors and rear windows with RM ones. I will post on this at some point in the future, but have to find the pictures first!

Over the winter, I’ve also turned my hand to small engine repair and have repaired the engines for both the large lawn mower that died last year, and for the pressure washer. I’m not really a mechanic and what experience I have is with diesel engines, so small petrol powered engines is a new experience. But it is always good to teach oneself something new. Posts and pictures to follow.

We are making progress with Canyon. We haven’t been able to get a lot of riding in over the winter, due to the weather, but have done a lot of ground work with him and he is far calmer than before. Yesterday, I took him for a walk in the woods and he was a as good as gold. 3 months ago, he would probably have been up a tree in fright!

I am still working on a model for a client. It has turned out to be a very challenging build, but we are getting there. Details to be posted in the appropriate section. I have a commission for a client to build an O-gauge model for him, which will be exciting.

Finally, Libby was invited to a car show yesterday and attracted a lot of positive comments. By sheer co-incidence, she was placed next to a ’51 Series 1 (originally from NZ). Since Libby is an ’81 series 3, close to the end of S3 production, we had an Alpha and Omega situation of Series Land Rovers. More details and pictures to follow, but here is a taster.



I noticed that it was for sale, but didn’t dare inquire about the asking price – that would be the thin end of the wedge and already have a 110 to restore. Besides, I think that Diane would kill me!

There were a couple of other interesting items there, including two NAS spec D90’s. Again more pictures of the event and the items present when i get a moment.

Cheers for now


One thought on “It’s been a while.

  1. Yes, it has been cold here too. We are now in May and it is still dropping to near freezing at night. In fact my wife and I were considering lighting the wood burner in the lounge earlier this evening!

    I’m glad to hear that you have been keeping busy 🙂

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