Land Rover A Vendre

No, not mine.

We were in Canada visiting family up in the mountains north of Montreal last weekend. We travel up several times a year to see them and it is always good to get away. Anyhow, whilst we were buzzing around, Diane spotted this for sale on the side of the road.


The things you find on the side of the road in rural Canada

Yes, a V8 petrol LHD 110 3 door in reasonably good condition (though the bulkhead could do with a little tidying up).

This must be a private import as no LWB 3 doors were officially imported into North America by Land Rover. Only 525 NAS 5-door station wagons and several hundred NAS90’s were “officially”imported. Therefore, this must have been a private import and being a truck bed makes it quite rare. I suspect from the painted out number plate on the front this may have been a Belgian vehicle at one point.

Anyhow, we took a few pictures for interest, given below





A Vendre – “For Sale”



Judging by the sticker saying “Land rover 110” above the radiator, this must be a pre-1990 vehicle, as after that it said “Defender 110”. Of course, the sticker could be a retrofit, but I don’t think so. Clearly the vehicle has been repainted cream from marine blue at some point. I didn’t get a good look at the chassis (wasn’t going to crawl around under it on the road side), but on the whole the vehicle looks in fair, but used condition. Just what a Landy should be.

And no, we didn’t buy it – Diane wouldn’t let me. 2 is enough apparently!


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