Libby At Work

Just a couple of pictures showing Libby out and about at work, doing what she’s supposed to do.


Libby at the local Big Box Hardware store (US equivalent of B&Q)


To Pick up 10 Bags of Hardwood Mulch to put the Garden to bed for the Winter


2 thoughts on “Libby At Work

  1. We need to get some mulch and manure on our garden.

    Wow, those parking spaces are huge! Over here businesses have been reducing parking space widths so that in most car parks there is barely room to park a car let alone open the doors. Our local Tesco has spaces that are just 18″ wider than a 109″. Bare in mind a 109″ is quite narrow compared to the modern SUV’s like BMW, Audi etc. If they park next to you, you can’t open the door wide enough to get in or out. Very envious of those big spaces!!

    • Yes, even with a turning circle equivalent to that of the Queen Mary, it’s not difficult to get into a parking spot, Mind you, some Amertican trucks are HUGE. It’s amazing that a 109 SW, which would be considered a large vehicle back in the UK, can actually get lost in the parking lots here!

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