Wierd and Wonderful Land Rovers

I came across this the other day, via Phil Barkers Blog, and and thought I’d share it with you. It’s a Pathe News feature on both the Cuthbertson Land rover and the Land Rover Road – Railer. It’s interesting to note that the road-railer vesrion is still available for the many railway contractors operating on Network rail, abeilt Defender 110 versions. Interesting they say it can pull up to 50 tons. Ah yes, but what about stopping things? Not sure I’d want to tow some wagons with it, such as for shunting, as braking might be interesting, given the weight of a landy (even a 109) with that of a loaded wagon! Many other pick up trucks and utility vehicles have also been converted to road-railer configurations, and certainly they are quite common to see here in North America.  Also, there have been several cuthbertson conversions of 110’s as well. Not sure how the Cuthbertson is to drive – probably dire and the increased height increases the risk of roll-over.

Still, a fascinating insight in the development of the Land Rover as a Utility Vehicle.