Just Hanging Out With the Guys

Canyon and Midnite_Small

Nothing special about this picture. Just Diane and I hanging out with Canyon (on the Right) and Midnite (On the left). This was a Saturday morning a few weeks ago and we’d been teaching inner city kids most of the morning, so just went for a short ride for a break. Canyon is our horse (although to all extents and purposes he’s really mine). He turned nine the other day! Midnite is a Morgan horse that Diane borrows (and has fallen in love with!). He’s lovely to ride, but strong willed. Diane is riding English style (despite being American) whilst I’m actually riding without a saddle (though with a Western saddle pad for comfort of both horse and rider). I actually prefer to ride bareback as you have far superior communication with the horse. Alot of the time, when I bring Canyon in from the fields, I’ll just ride him with a bridle and bareback – great fun (and warm on a cold day).

So there we are. Nothing special, just hanging out and having fun.


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