We have seveal birdfeeders around the house, as we like to see the birds come down and it helps them thrive, particularly in the winter months. Plus, it keeps the cats occupied. Recently, our birdseed consumption has been going up dramatically. At first we thought it was just the sudden increase in birds needing feeding with them all hatching in the late spring. However, this not the case. On Friday, I found the real cuplrit.


This young raccoon has discovered a nice regular source of food for himself. He is just a youngster and this is probabaly his first year on his own. Normally, raccoons can be quite destructive and messy when going after bird seed, but he was quite careful, taking one seed or nut at a time and then eating it before going back for more. Once he was full, he carefully climbed down and went to find some shade under the Land Rover. The cats didn’t like the intruder, but with such good manners, I don’t have the heart to turn him away from the feast. I just hope he doesn’t bring his friends over.


Fox Joins The Party


Canyon checks out the fox who is checking out the horses

One of the nice things about working at Graham Equestrian, is that we get to experience the wildlife that lives there on a regular basis. Being based onĀ  State Park land, we have quite a number of foxes and deer in the vicinity, all of whom are failrly comfortable in the presence of horses and humans. Indeed, it is not unusual for them to come close to us, seemingly quite unconcerned about our presence, espescially if you’re on horseback. It is quite common for the deer to come out of the woods in the evening and line up along the fence watching the proceedings going on in the arena. Indeed, the othernight, I was riding Canyon up in the field and the deer all grouped up on us so that we were riding as a herd.

Anyhow, I snapped this picture a few nights ago of one of the local foxes out with the horse herd in the back pasture. I’d been out to check on Canyon, who has a slight hoof injury (abscess in the coranory band) and just happened to see the fox come trotting along the fence line to pass the herd. Neither the horses or the fox were particularly concerned aboutĀ  the presence of the others. In the picture above, Canyon (the brown horse behind the darker coloured Midnite) is checking out the fox (on the left), who is watching the horses, but neither was particularly worried. The fox carried on with his business, trotted past the herd and dissapeared into the woods.

Being able to experience things like this close up on a regular occurrence reminds me how lucky I am to be able to experience nature in such a way. Most people never get to see or experience this, yet we see it regularly. And after a bad day at work, it makes the day go better.


Local Fox heading out on his business.