About Me

Who am I?

Well, I’m a 40-something scientist who now lives in the US. Originally from Montreal, I grew up in the UK, but at various times in my life have lived in different parts of the world, including Bahrain (too young to remember) and Hong Kong (back in the mid ’80’s when I was in my early teens), before attending university. Most of my career has been spent working in the field of analytical and instrumental chemical research. Today, I reside in rural Maryland, just north of Baltimore, with my wife, Diane, and our three cats. I currently run an analytical chemical instrumental support facility at The Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

I have an eclectic range of interests, including (but not limited to) traveling and exploring with Diane, working on our house, learning to work with horses, maintaining elderly (i.e. REAL) Land Rovers, and railway modelling. Sport, however, does not feature heavily in my life. All of these, and others will feature at some point in these pages when I get round to it.

I’m not a professional writer and to be honest, I find writing tedious at times. Time is often at a premium and so at times updates will be a little slow in forthcoming. However, I hope that these pages will be of interest to others. As always, constructive comments and feedback are always welcome.

Phil Mortimer


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