Land Rovers

So what is the fascination with old land rovers?

I learned to drive on a diesel series III 88″ when I was about 12 years old (on a farm) and have always had a liking for them ever since (despite them being slow, noisy and cramped). Over the years, I’ve become the proud owner of two of these vehicles and when I moved to the US, I held on to them and eventually they followed me here. Grover was the first Landy I owned and is an early (B-Reg, 1984) naturally aspirated diesel powered 110 station wagon.. The other is a late model series III 109″ station wagon known as Libby, also diesel powered, with the earlier 2.25L 5 main bearing engine. Why do I have two station wagons? Because I always wanted a series III version and already had the 110 which i didn’t want to part with. I have thus finally achieved a long held ambition. Both are right hand drive, having previously been used and registered in the UK. Since both vehicles are over 25 years old, it was possible to legally imported and register them in the US. Currently, Grover is off the road as he probably needs a new chassis, (as well as replacement doors and some other body work), but Libby is fully operational and being used, though being treated to a rolling restoration as time and money permits.

Libby is an X reg (1981) vehicle and was originally faded marine blue when I obtained her. Since I have had her, she has had both foot wells replaced, new aluminum window channels (from Rocky Mountain Rovers) in the rear windows (with the front and middle door window channels to be replaced as well as soon when the weather gets warmer), a new diesel fuel injection pump, new brakes and an exterior  repaint into bronze green, as seen below. Some of the work (such as the painting and footwells) I had done professionally, the rest I have done myself. This year, I hope to replace or regrind the valves this year, as she has started to smoke under load, which is most disturbing to people behind me. She is currently as seen in the photo below .


She still wears her British number plates, but now also wears Maryland tags (cheaper to register) as well. With those UK number  plates, and being RHD, she certainly stands out around here, particularly as Land rovers are relatively rare in North America anyhow. Despite being a second / standby vehicle, she comes in very useful for lugging all those larger / heavier items around (such as garden stuff, etc.) when it needs to be moved. I hope to post progress with her as I gradually work on bringing her up to scratch.


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